Major career benefits

While abiding to UAE Labour Law Archcorp offers an attractive salary package, which includes competitive tax-free salary, obligatory benefits as per law and additional range of welfare benefits and allowances such as:

1. Yearly Staff Performance Appraisal

  • Employees are evaluated continuously based on their performance, upon successful results an increment in the salary or a one-time bonus is awarded as per performance graph.
  • Though we do not have a constant cycle for this program but an ideal employee with a consistent progressive result can continuously avail increments on yearly basis.
  • This program is entirely performance based regardless of title and other factors like department etc

2. Training / Skill Development Program

  • Employees are sent for international / Domestic training programs relevant to their field
  • This program not only enhances the technical aspects of the individual but also result in promotion on account of existing post
  • This program is complimentary from the company

3. Career development / Succession Planning

  • Employees are regularly being scanned so as to graph out a career path and career development.
  • This program gives a platform to an employee to grow in the field as well as in the organization

4. 30 Calendar days Annual vacation

5. Annual vacation return air-ticket for country of origin

6. Maternity Leave (female staff)

7. Medical Insurance for staff

8. End Service Benefits

9. Leave Encashment

10. 15 days paid sick leave (exclusive of Annual Leaves)

11. Visa & Labour Card

12. Compassionate Time off (a short break of few hours within a workday required incase of urgency of any personal issues)

13. Employee Referral Benefit (This benefit results in an instant incentive in return of a successful induction of a staff referred by you)

Working Hours

  • 45 working hours spread over 5 days / week (Sunday to Thursday), 6th or 7th day could be added as per company necessity based on business needs and all staff are obliged to present when required.
  • Regular working hours are from 8:00AM - 6:00PM inclusive of lunch / prayers break of 1 hour.
  • Lunch / Prayers break are not included in the working hours.
  • Over time & Time-off should be pre-approved by the team lead / HR / Management.


As per UAE Labour law, we offer a gross salary which includes three allowances mentioned below:

  • Basic Salary
  • Accommodation Allowance
  • Transport Allowance